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Canada-Wide Interconnected Networks for Drone Pilots and Businesses from all Industries and Verticals.
We Collaborate & Create Innovative Solutions to Solve Complex Industry Problems.
A Solution of TCI Square Inc.

Are Youa Business?a Homeowner?a Drone Pilot?New to Drones?


Let's Innovate @ the
Solutions Square.

We Provide End2End Drone Solutions.


Let's Fly @ the
Connections Circle.

We Connect You to
Jobs & Opportunities.

New to Drones

Let's Learn @ the
Training Triangle.

We SupplyYou With
RPAS Drone Education.


We only work with Certified & Compliant RPAS Pilots

As of June 1st, 2019, ALL pilots must be certified under the new 2019 RPAS Regulations (CAR Part IX).

We can help you get trained, certified, and start flying
legally, safely, and with an expert knowledge in operations!

We are Certified & Compliant with the New Regulations and only
 work with pilots who are Certified & Compliant as well.

Are you a business and want to use drones in your project?

Are you a drone pilot?